the alignment of activities to outcomes
measured by value,
constrained by guiding principles and
supported by continuous delivery technologies

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#noprojects books

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#NoProjects: Correcting Project Myopia by Allan Kelly

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Continuous by Evan Leybourn & Shane Hastie

#noprojects articles

3rd May 2016: The problem with Projects: Temporary Organisations by Joshua Arnold

14th Jan 2016: Outcomes, The Value of Change by Evan Leybourn

16th Dec 2015: Focus on Value, Not Projects by Evan Leybourn

18th Nov 2015: If you need to run a project you've already failed by Evan Leybourn

28th Aug 2014: No Projects by Bob Marshall

22nd Jan 2014: The problem with projects by Joshua Arnold

8th Oct 2013: #NoProjects – why projects don’t make sense by Allan Kelly

20th Sep 2013: Organisation Antipattern: Project Teams by Steve Smith

28th Jul 2013: No Projects by Steve Smith

18th Mar 2012: Systems Thinking and I.T. by Joshua Arnold

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